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Stress of Change

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Change is around us every day, some are so subtle that we barely notice and others slap us in the face. Sometimes we get so caught up focusing on the change itself and the stories that we tell ourselves that we forget to simply show up, experience the change.

That sounds a bit yoga fluffy, totally get it! Here's another way to look at it, humans are brilliant because of creativity. It's because of imaginations that we have evolved into what we are today. BUT, our imagination can have a dark side if we don't keep it in check.

Think of a time when you had an uncomfortable conversation with someone important in your it? Let it be a juicy one where passions were high and it didn't have a great outcome at that moment.

NOW, when you had to move on with your day and that person was no longer in front of you, did the conversation stop? Or did you continue to pick it apart, look for meaning behind what was said and even think of new points that you'd make when you were face to face next because Damn-IT....what was the beginning of that conversation even about?

We do this all the time, especially if there isn't a concrete answer that we agree with or if there are missing pieces. Our minds want to fill in the voids. The fact that our minds are being creative isn't an issue, that is, until it is.

Meaning that if we aren't conscious of the fact that our minds are telling us stories or reacting to the environment that we are in, the way we show up in that environment can be very destructive.

But if we notice that our minds are being creative and then choose to not react to the story, but take a breath, or perhaps 10 or 20. Bring focus from the mind to our whole-heart centric being we can better be present and show up with empathy. Then we are more likely to be inclusive in how we work to create solutions to whatever the issue was or is.

Here's a link to our podcast about facing change:

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