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Baseball, Failure, Hugs and Living on the Edge

Life is ironic sometimes - this is the second time I'm writing this blog today, which you'll find out, if you continue reading, is about failure...why second time? As I was putting the final touches on the links below I got to experience failure by clicking the delete tab "X" instead of clicking the tab itself.

Ah life...I love you too :)

Well, it's worth having a second go because it was an amazing conversation that I had last week with Anthony Chavez about some life lessons that he learned from team sports, especially baseball.

In a time when all professional sports are on hold, it's interesting to ponder what sports mean to us?

The "lightbulb" Anthony lit for me was around failure. He said that baseball taught him how to deal with failure and then tossed out a figure that Hall of Fame players fail around 70% of the time...HALL of FAME players are only successful about 30% of the time, that's crazy!

Failure OR fear of failure is one of the number one reasons people don't live a life full of passion and purpose.

When I look at the times in my life that I didn't even step up to the metaphorical plate to take a swing at a dream compared to the times I did, I get a little bummed that I didn't step up and swing more. It was the times I did something scary, took me out of my comfort zone that either gave me an incredible lesson to learn or propelled me into a new place along my life journey.

Life isn't meant to be watched from the stands, it's meant to be lived!

Take time today and dream.

Then DO SOMETHING about that dream - just one thing.

Embrace the chance to fall down and be brilliant. You deserve that!

Here is the failure conversation with Anthony - Click & Listen in

Here is a playlist to inspire your dreams - CLICK HERE

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