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Children - The Greatest Gift We Can Give

Children are a blessing in so many ways.

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The biggest blessing for me personally has been the ways that my 2 beautiful girls challenge me - they hold up a metaphoric mirror showing me how I either practice what I preach or fall short.

I'm amazed by the times that I do fall short, I expect my kids to understand my perspective as if they were me...let's be honest, I do the same thing to my wife and it isn't fair.

Too many times I'm trying to get something done quickly and expect my family to be surfing the same wave that I'm on.

It doesn't matter how well purposed an agenda might be, if we don't take time to connect with empathy, listen with our hearts there's little progress forward. On the contrary, without authentic connection there's usually frustration and tears.

The more I meditate on it, the more I notice the similar patterns with our global family. Leaders pushing an agenda forward because it seems right from their perspective without taking time to understand their neighbors. The end result, same frustration and tears - or worse.

We all have the responsibility to lead by example in our families/communities. We don't need to delete our agendas but can we slow down and practice listening with our hearts.

If we take even a few steps in the right direction we have the opportunity to become the life example our children deserve.

This will give them the foundation and launch pad to cultivate the loving global community that humanity needs.

"If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world in one generation."

~Dalai Lama

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