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Get out of Fear, Anxiety and Stress

Every day, every breath, every moment we get to choose how to live our life but it takes practice...let’s be real, when we’re already in a place of fear, anxiety or stress a mindful practice is the last thing that we typically want to do.

Lets start simple, put on some music.

Here's a playlist, CLICK HERE, if you’d like to listen while reading

OK, tunes are playing. Now, take a breath and then another and another - a little breath goes a long way.

Remember to be kind to yourself and know that if you ever have a day or a moment that didn‘t go the way that was planned, take permission to begin again.

Take a look at fear, anxiety, stress. These are typically mental states dealing with the past or the future. They are not here, not now. That means when we begin to notice that our fears are in control, driving the bus of life and we’re the passenger in a nightmare of life...It’s time to wake up. It’s time to get present.

Take a breath again, and another, another.

Once we are aware, we can begin again. Take the drivers seat of our life's bus. When we’re driving, the practice is to remain present. When life starts to feel “normal“ again, that’s when we start to fall back into our comfort patterns, and there goes the drivers seat again.

It’s our comfort patterns that allow fear, anxiety and stress to have so much control. They don’t want to lose what we’ve got in life. And friends, that‘s a guarantee that none of have. Life is change, uncertainty. So we learn to breathe, we learn to begin.

When we begin again, breathe again and practice that, again and again and again our mind begins to loosen its grip on wanting and craving comfort patterns. Instead it gets strong and adaptable!

Being adaptable is the ability to try a different direction when a fearful thought is blocking your current path.

Being adaptable is trying something new when the weight of anxiety is crushing down on what “normal” life has been.

Being adaptable is flipping the table on stress. No longer worried about how to have less of it, but breathe positive energy into what drives a better more loving life.

Fear, anxiety and stress aren’t bad - until we let them be.

Take a breath, and another.

Begin again.

Much thanks to Anthony Chavez for inspiring this blog. CLICK HERE to listen

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