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Light Up the World

Life is a journey with many twists and turns. Within this wild ride, we have internal guides supporting the direction that we go. Learning to listen to the right guide can sometimes be a challenge.

It's true, we have a tale of two selves. A heart inspired unconditioned self and our mind, a conditioned self through life experiences. Both have their reasons for leading us in one direction or another but one does tend to be a little louder.

Our mind, through all of it's life conditioning and thus, reactions tends to be the louder guide and likes to keep the guide rails tight, it doesn't like change and typically wants to keep the status quo.

Is that bad? Not necessarily. As long as it is balanced with our unconditioned self. That part of you that knows you have a calling to be inspired and inspire others.

You know that little voice in your heart that remembers being a dreamer, that wants to create and invent!

But that's scary...said your conditioned self again!

We, as humans have the ability to be creative and responsible, reasonable and alive all at the same time!

You need to be willing to cultivate a practice where you can calm your senses enough so both voices have an equal part on the stage.

A daily meditation practice has done a ton for my voices. I love the OAK app it has something for everyone, check it out.

Your meditation could be a walk in nature, a bike ride or a run. Find what your practice is and then make time for it every day, calm your senses and explore what balance is in your journey.

This is when you will become the best person for everyone in your world and be truly able to Light Up the World!

This is the conversation with Kimberly Spreen Glick that inspired this blog - CLICK HERE

Here is a playlist to Light Up Your World - CLICK HERE

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