• Tory Schaefer

Finding Calm

Finding Calm - yes, sitting on a Pacific Beach watching the sun majestically set over the ocean will certainly instill a sense of peace and calm. For most of us that isn't a daily practice that we can implement very easily.

Before we get ahead of ourselves let's look at why we'd want to add practices that help us find calm into our lives. If you google it, please do, we'll wait :)

1) You feel more in control of your life.

2) Increased breathing capacity.

3) You can hear your own thoughts.

4) Rediscover your creative flow.

5) You have clearer communication.

6) Enjoy better health.

Most of us have had the opportunity to be around an individual who seems to be calm and collected at work or home. They seem to have a grasp of the bigger picture and are able to make choices that benefit the greater collective.

There may be some genetics involved with a person's natural disposition but that doesn't mean that they don't have a practice that supports them in being that way and it means that list of amazing benefits above are available for you too!

There are many breathing/yoga practices that can support you in your journey to Finding Calm! Here's our podcast that shares a breathing technique that can support you in creating some calm today:

Here is a link to a playlist to possibly add some calm to your day:

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