• Tory Schaefer


When our computer stops working the way we expect it to we reset it.

When our phone starts to get a bit glitchy, we reset it.

When our minds starts to become frazzled...we often push through.

Guess what? You don't have to push through. In a couple of minutes you can do a mental reset to bring you back to the most important moment in your life. THIS ONE! We only ever have one moment as it arrives in life then it's done.

Our minds become clogged with information from the past week and the planning for the week yet to come, so much that we miss out on the moment happening now.

Think about it. Have you ever had a day when you were driving to a destination but were so caught up in thought that you didn't remember driving there or missed the destination all together?

It happens to all of us. With the reset meditation you can acknowledge what's weighing on your mind and then set it aside so you can be present for the moment at hand so you can be; a better driver, an empathic listener, a more loving human.

Don't miss the magic of life. Try this reset meditation on and see what you can wake up to.

Here's the link to the short reset meditation:

Here is a link to a playlist to help reset you day:

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