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Wake Up to Your Future

What do you do when life as you know it stops?

You have choices.

-You can grab a drink (or insert your vice).

-Pretend to be OK, until you can't.

-OR, you can create space to get real, dig deep and unearth YOU.

This week we had the opportunity to connect with Anthony Chavez who has an incredible life story.

One of the first themes that popped out from our conversation was the concept of waking up...not literally getting up out of bed, but creating a simple ritual in life that grounds you and brings you into a state of now.

This is step one = find your ritual. Let it be simple and something you enjoy, brewing a cup of coffee, a cup of tea...anything!

Step two = take time with the process. Notice the scents and sensations of grinding beans, boiling water or steeping leaves. Stay with what you're doing, let go of the need to multitask at this moment.

Step three = enjoy the fruits of your time. Sit and sip it in; the aroma, the feeling of the cup in your hand and finally the first taste as it touches your lips.

Allow this process to transport you to a place, perhaps a memory and then back into this moment.

Taking time for YOU everyday has the opportunity to wake you up for your future - if you let it.

This poem popped into my mind today as writing:

A Cup Of Tea

When the world is all at odds

And the mind is all at sea

Then cease the useless tedium

And brew a cup of tea.

There is magic in its fragrance,

There is solace in its taste;

And the laden moments vanish

Somehow into space.

The world becomes a lovely thing!

There’s beauty as you’ll see;

All because you briefly stopped

To brew a cup of tea.

~ Anonymous

Here is our first conversation with Anthony about waking up - Click & Listen in

Here is a playlist that's bound to wake you up - CLICK HERE

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